How to Earn

1. Qualifying Purchases and Qualifying Revenue

We will pay Standard Program Fees described in Section 3 of this Fee Statement in connection with “Qualifying Purchases”, which (subject to the exclusions described in this Fee Statement) occur when:

(a) a customer clicks through a Special Link on your Site to an Ictseller Site; and

(b) during a single session, which is measured as beginning when a customer clicks through that Special Link and ending upon the first to occur of the following: (x) 24 hours elapse from that click, (y) the customer places an order for a Product, other than a digital product (as determined in our sole discretion; for example, an Ictseller software download or items sold under the name Ictseller Music,” Ictseller Shorts”, “eDocs”, Ictseller Prime Video”, “Game Downloads”, Ictseller Coin”, “Kindle Books”, “Kindle Newspapers”, “Kindle Blogs”, “Kindle Newsfeeds”, or “Kindle Magazines”) (a “Digital Product”), or (z) the customer clicks through a Special Link to an Ictseller Site that is not your Special Link (a “Session”), any of the following happens:

i. the customer purchases a Product via our 1-Click feature, or

ii. the customer purchases a Product by adding a Product to his or her shopping cart and completing the order for that Product no later than 89 days after their initial click-through of the Special Link, or

iii. with respect to Digital Products, the customer purchases such a Product by streaming or downloading it from an Ictseller Site; and

(c) the Product is shipped to, streamed or downloaded by, and paid for by the customer.

For each Qualifying Purchase, the corresponding “Qualifying Revenue” is equal to the amount we actually receive from that Qualifying Purchase, less any shipping charges, gift-wrapping fees, handling fees, taxes (e.g. sales tax and VAT), service charges, credits, rebates, credit card processing fees, and bad debt.

2. Disqualified Purchases

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Qualifying Purchases are disqualified whenever they occur in connection with a violation of this Associates Program Fee Statement or any other terms, conditions, specifications, statements, and policies that we may issue from time to time that apply to the Associates Program, including the most up-to-date version of the Agreement (collectively, the “Program Documents”).

Further, the following purchases that would otherwise be Qualified Purchases are disqualified and excluded from the Associates Program:

(a) any Product purchased after termination of your Agreement,

(b) any Product order where a cancellation, return, or refund has been initiated,

(c) any Product purchased by a customer who is referred to an Ictseller Site through any advertisement that you purchased through participation in bidding or auctions on keywords, search terms, or other identifiers that include the word “amazon”, or “kindle”, or any other Ictseller Mark (see a non-exhaustive list of our trademarks via the links below, or variations or misspellings of any of those words (e.g., “ammazon”, “amaozn”, and “kindel”)(all, a “Prohibited Paid Search Placement”),

(d) any Product purchased by a customer who is referred to an Ictseller Site by a link that is generated or displayed on a search engine (including Google, Yahoo, Bing, or any other search portal, sponsored advertising service, or other search or referral service, or any site that participates in such search engine’s network) (a “Search Engine”),

(e) any Product purchased by a customer who is referred to an Ictseller Site by a link that sends users indirectly to an Ictseller Site via an intermediate site, without requiring the customer to click on a link or take some other affirmative action on that intermediate site (a “Redirecting Link”),

(f) any Product purchased by a customer, where such customer does not comply with the terms and conditions applicable to an Ictseller Site,

(g) any Product purchase that is not correctly tracked or reported because the links from your site to the relevant Ictseller Site are not properly formatted,

(h) any Product purchased through a Special Link in a Mobile Application that was not an Approved Mobile Application or where the Special Link in an Approved Mobile Application was not served by PA API (as defined below under the IP License) or other linking tools that we make available to you,

(i) any Product subject to a Bounty Event (as defined in Section 4(a) of this Fee Statement, with the corresponding related Special Program Fee), and

(j) any Product purchased as a subscription unless otherwise provided in the Agreement.

3. Standard Program Fees

Subject to the limitations described in this Fee Statement and compliance with the Agreement, we will pay you standard fees described in the Appendix (”Standard Program Fees”). Fees are calculated as a percentage of Qualifying Revenue.

4. Special Program Fees or Promotions

From time to time, we may run general special programs or promotions that may provide all or some Associates the opportunity to earn additional or alternative fees (“Special Program Fees”). For the avoidance of doubt (and notwithstanding any time period described in this section), Ictseller reserves the right to discontinue or modify all or part of any special program or promotion at any time. Unless stated otherwise, all such special programs or promotions (even those which do not involve purchases of Products) are subject to disqualifying exclusions substantially similar to those identified in Section 2 of this Fee Statement, and any restriction under the Program Documents applicable to a Product purchase will also apply on a substantially similar basis as restrictions for special programs or promotions.